A Narrow Pipe and A Balloon

There is air trapped in this 🎈It wants out

There’s a narrow pipe facing upwards

And the only way this trapped air will be released is if it begins to push through the bottom end of this pipe.

But it has fear…

Fear of that sudden sting when bursted in between the bottom end and the top end

It’s the only way out…

This air will no longer be trapped

This air will no longer be the story of air trapped in the balloon.

This air will be free to wander the entire universe

This air is your own




Seen Treasure

Brought to a place of sacredness.

A place for only one.

You mistakingly went on a path that showed you a treasure that should have been unseen by the eyes.

The treasure lays in the center of a hidden garden.

The eyes of the forbidden have been let in by an opening that should of been shut close.

As the eyes wanders in, it feels the essence and beauty of what’s ahead.

As the eyes of the forbidden comes closer to the center it’s heart automatically feels drawn in and falls deeply in love.

It stares into the eyes of the treasure, the treasure that should have been unseen. The eyes are pearls.

The skin is gold.

The laugh is the sound of a melodic wave.

Drawn in…but this is a mistake.

This is not for the forbidden eye to see or feel.

This only belongs to another.

There is nothing but pain of restraint the eye of the forbidden will have to endure.

To have seen and felt the treasure that will never be seen and felt again because this treasure was not meant to be their own.



As I sit two stories high on a window sill in pure silence. Feeling the energy of the earth absorbed right into my soul. Found so deep in the earth, it lays within the trees, the air, the sky and the sun. Finding its way into my soul. 

What a phenomenal yet almost unbearable feeling for my human flesh to with hold. The amount of cells in my body could not absorb all this love I feel running through me. I feel as if my body  and flesh will rip into trillions of mini micro pieces that is encoded with Love. And if my body would tear and rip apart for that very reason, I would be happy to have shared this love I feel so deep inside with all of YOU.


Feel Of You In The Cold

What do you feel? Can you feel anything? Why are you so cold? How did you become so numb? What scorned your heart? Will you allow it to keep drifting into this cold space? What will then happen to your soul? How will you live? What will happen to your kindness and love for others? Don’t go, don’t drift into this cold space. Stay. 

How could you live in such a cold place? You’re so delicate and have such a loving heart and soul. You’re beautiful. The mere existence of you is like the beauty of an infinite garden filled with sunflowers and caspias. Your light from within blends with the light of the beautiful sun. As you run through the golden fields with the radiance of happiness and smile of grace. 



Sound Of His Drum

As I stand in the midst of the forest feeling free, pure and dancing with the stars to the sound of his emaculate drum. I begin to feel a heavy weight beneath my arms. I slowly lift my arms with my palms facing the beautiful earth below me. As it keeps rising I begin to sway my arms back and forth. A beaming bright light surrounds me. In that moment I’m not in this world. I’m in between worlds. So free, I’ve never felt this free and one with the universe. All I had to do was listen, listen to the beat of his drum as he  moves his hands back and forth against the smooth surface. Listen to the beautiful music, feel free and one with me. Remove all the hate, envy, deceit, jealousy and anything opposite from good from your heart. 



I’m sending you to earth to complete a job, a job only you angels can accomplish. Now this place I’m sending you to is filled with hate, deceit, jealousy, envy and anything opposite from good. It will be hard not to allow it to consume you, but I wouldn’t send you there if I didn’t believe you can complete the job. You all have pure hearts and it can be turned like coal. Only if you allow the things opposite from good to consume you. 

You must be strong and always believe your purest heart. Because it is your purest heart that is filled with only truth.



“The world is now a place where smiling feels like a mistake.”

 I understand it’s sad but we can’t let that consume us

There must always be hope

Hope for the world

It’s so hard to do that with everything happening

And things being the way they are

But if we surrendered to it

If everyone surrendered to it

This world would be completely dark

So smile

Be the one to smile and bring light into this world.